Religious perspective in blood transfusion

Religious perspective in blood transfusion It is well known that Allah Almighty ordered healing and made the salvation of man from his fearful disease a necessity for them to be haraam. necessity. It seems at first glance that the treatment of these things work has the interest of man, such as saving his life and help him to perform his task by supplementing the benefit of its benefits, such as the benefit of walking and kidney transplantation and others; and this is permissible. But there are provisions in the Shara to be considered; to know whether it is prohibited from all or part of the evils that indicate it; such as the text of honor and forbidding medication in Muharram ... and the ruling on permissible or forbidden based on the prevalence of interest or corrupt or equal Ruling on transferring blood from one person to another To achieve the necessity; that fear for human life and there is nothing to save except this work The success rate of this treatment should be high To have the consent of the human being Does not affect his life or health severely impact This can be confirmed by the opinion of the skilled doctor of justice, because the human right to his blood has fallen with his consent and does not relate to the right to Sharia; However, the impact of blood transfusion in his life or health and we have not affected them. As for honoring God to man, this action does not contradict honoring, but it may be honoring because of its salvation and salvation, but it is a kind of jihad if it is in the interest of the mujahideen. It is necessary to identify blood as a way of life; It may be said that the one who is working in hospitals to collect blood and knowledge of his factions, and keeping it in the attainment even if there is a case advocate benefit of this blood, which are many cases, especially in wars and after many accidents cars and factories, is it permissible to transfer blood in these cases? Answer: I have it that it is permissible because it is necessarily expected necessities or most likely, it may be prepared for it, because it can be pushed only in this way, as blood transfusion depends on the presence of those taken from it and the union of the platoon, and this is rarely prepared when necessary He said in the scout of the mask: (It is obliged to provide the Muharram that feared the need if not provided; because there is no harm in Astsahabh, or in preparing; It is not permissible to sell this blood for its impurity and because of the damage that is not without taking blood in the wholesale, but there is no objection to encouraging the state to give money to buy food to recover what has been lost.